Upcoming – Living On: Zombies

Incognitum Hactenus – Volume 3
Available September 12, 2012

Featuring contributions by:
Eugene Thacker | Sarah Juliet Lauro | Bruce LaBruce | Kate Thompson |
Jim Shaw | Simon Clark | Chad Robertson | Tom Trevatt

The third volume Incognitum Hactenus, Living On: Zombies, is a urgent re-thinking of the zombie in the realm of post-contemporaneity. In producing a new discourse surrounding this representational figure in all media, we aim to better address meaning (also in art and culture) beyond the current moment. Post-contemporary art and the Post-Contemporary Zombie now stumble hand in hand into a new world. 

Image (still): Jim Shaw, The Hole, 2007 (JS07.51), Video with artist soundtrack, 11min 5 seconds (looped), Edition of 3, 2 APs, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Praz-Delavellade, Paris.

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